NGV, Melbourne and MFA, Boston

A Taste of Impressionism


Suitable for

Primary and Middle Years.

Subject areas

The Arts, Critical & Creative Thinking



Part One: Watery Surfaces

Work of the Week with the NGV


Whether it was in the form of a river, the ocean or a backyard pond, rippling water was a favoured subject of the Impressionists.


Join NGV Educator, Theresa Powles, to explore how Alfred Sisley depicted the ever-changing nature of water in his painting, The Loing at Saint-Mammès, 1882.



Part Two: Connect with the Museum of Fine Arts Boston


Join NGV Educator, Theresa Powles, on a virtual visit to Boston and meet MFA Educator, Cassie Bride.


Discover where the works in French Impressionism from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston have come from. Look closer at The Loing at Saint-Mammès using ELBOW (E-everyday life, L-light, B-brushstrokes, O-outdoors, W-weather) – a nemonic tool for exploring the works of the Impressionist artists.

Image caption

Alfred Sisley
British (active in France) 1839–99
The Loing at Saint-Mammès 1882
oil on canvas
49.8 x 64.9 cm
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Bequest of William A. Coolidge (1993.44)
Photography © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. All Rights Reserved.