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Student Film Festival 2020: Early Years


Suitable for

All ages

ISV’s Student Film Festival 2020 is a month-long celebration of the creative talents of student filmmakers.


Out of almost 80 entries, finalists have been chosen in each category, to be featured here on the Arts Learning Festival website.


Here is the Early Years finalist, with judges comments kindly provided by acclaimed TV and film director David Swann.



1. 100 Days of Foundation


Foundation Class, Al Taqwa College



What did the judges say?
“This is a wonderful example of how media can be used to celebrate children’s accomplishments in education. It is a reminder of what a huge transition it is for children to make the journey from home life to school life. It’s also a reminder of the extraordinary care and responsibilities that are placed in the hands of the teacher/carers and the power of positive reinforcement and its ability to shape the minds body and souls of young children.”


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