How the Year of the Cat captured our imaginations

When the vote was taken among the audience for the best Year 12 film at our last film festival, The Year of the Cat was the popular choice


In part, that was in no doubt due to the strong and differing responses this enigmatic film provokes.


We see a woman in a chair on the beach, fed cake as the tide comes in and the water rises. It’s a striking piece of film making, beautifully shot. But it’s also a work that allows you to draw your own conclusions, ask your own questions.


‘I have my own views about what the film is about,’ says Ben, a former Eltham College student.


‘But what’s really special for me is hearing what other people think,’ he says, ‘people coming to me with views on the film, with ideas about it, that I’d never even considered.’


That’s one of the best things for an artist, he explains. Handing your film over and asking people, ‘What do you think?’


You can watching Ben talk about the film and film making in our video above, and be inspired to enter your own work in our 2020 Student Film Festival.


Don’t miss out – entries close on Friday, 28 August 2020.


You can find out more on how to enter by visiting our Student Film Festival competition page.