Student Film Festival 2021: Middle Years finalists

ISV’s Student Film Festival 2021 is a month-long celebration of the creative talents of student filmmakers.


Out of more than 70 entries, 27 student films have been shortlisted across five categories: Year 12, Year 11, Middle Years, Junior Years and Early Years.


Here we are pleased to present the Middle Years finalists.


Technical/Creative Award: The Return

Year 9 Media, Firbank Grammar School



Judge’s comments
“Effective use of camera and sound to convey suspense.”
– Christine Evely, Head of Education at ACMI
Highly Commended: The One Arm Boatman

Veronica Senior, Loyola College



Judge’s comments

“Well executed animation telling a poignant story.”

– Christine Evely, Head of Education at ACMI

Highly Commended & People's Choice: Mountain Bike Riding

Lily Watson, Christian College Geelong



Judge’s comments
“Well planned, thoughtfully scripted and filmed. Your viewers will be keen to get out on a mountain bike.”
– Christine Evely, Head of Education at ACMI
Finalist: A Warning from the Future

Lulu Ošs, Balcombe Grammar School


Finalist: Samotion

Sam Ladley, St Michael’s Grammar School