Student Poetry Competition 2021: Prep-Year 2

Mia Mastroianni, a Year 2 student at St. Margaret’s Berwick Grammar School, has won ISV’s Student Poetry Competition 2021 in the Prep-Year 2 category for her poem, Max.

The competition, part of the Arts Learning Festival, was open to students from all school sectors, and attracted some 350 entries.


Watch Mia read her poem in the video below, and read it for yourself, along with the students awarded honourable mentions in the category for their outstanding work.


What did the judges say?

“A fresh take on the life of a pet dog with a unique way of making the reader smile.”

Max, by Mia Mastroianni

Our pet dog’s name is Max
He thinks he is a human
He runs away when he sees dog food,
because he thinks it is not that good.
He loves to eat toast in the morning.
And if my mum feeds him rice and chicken,
He licks the bowl again and again.
At times he is annoying,
when we take him for a walk
or if we go to the park.
All he does is growls and bark.
He would prefer to lie down happily.
Watching the birds flying freely.
My nanna couldn’t understand
Why the birds are his friends?
Our Pet Dog Max
Thinks he is a human.

Prep-Year 2: Honourable mentions
  • Jana Abou-eid, Year 1, Illum College – Joy
  • James Behrendorff, Year 1, Fitzroy Community School – Joy
  • Patrick Elias, Prep, Fitzroy Community School ok River – Sailing
  • Sheridan Falcone, Year 2, St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar School – Joy
  • Audrey Mead, Prep, Fitzroy Community School – Roses
  • Bilal Taha, Year 2, Ilim College – Happiness
  • Ben White, Year 2, Fitzroy Community School – Joy

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