Student Poetry Competition 2022: Prep-Year 2

There was no shortage of talent among our youngest student poets, with three winners in the Prep-Year 2 category for this year’s Student Poetry Competition.

Congratulations Isaac Poh (Harkaway Hills College), Cameron Wong (Melbourne Grammar), Emerson Pitman (Carey Baptist Grammar School) and all of those who received honourable mentions.


The competition, part of the Arts Learning Festival, was open to students from all school sectors, and attracted more than 500 entries.

‘A wise and clever poem, giving readers something to think about long after the first reading.’
Written poetry – Isaac Poh, Year 2, Harkaway Hills College

‘One thousand years to the future’

Sometimes I wonder what it will be like,

One thousand years to the future.

Will cars fly?

Will aliens rule the sky?

Will bikes ride at the speed of light?

Will humans take flight?

Will everything have an answer?

Will there be a cure for cancer?

Will new animal species be discovered?

Will unsolved mysteries be uncovered?

Will planes fly autopilot?

Will fireworks be quiet?

If only I could build a time machine,

And travel to 3019.

Then I’ll know what it’s like for sure,

One thousand years to the future.

‘Clear-cut language and intrigue capture the reader’s attention from the beginning to the end of this sophisticated poem.’
Written poetry – Cameron Wong, Year 2, Melbourne Grammar


Space is a place where planets manoeuvre,

Where constellations shine and black holes hoover

Where shooting stars race and galaxys collide

And extra-terrestrial forms of life hide!

Clouds of crimson and bursts of sunlight,

Outrun satellites which are sent into flight,

Saturn’s dust circles move like rotating rings

Whilst asteroids crash into everything!

Curiosity the rover searches for alien clues,

For signs of life present in areas unused,

Shuttles take off with astronauts and hounds

To explore the galaxy and all its surrounds

Neptune’s environment is brutal and cold,

Whilst Mercury’s desert is barren and bold,

Mars is mountainous but has no water or sea

So Earth is my favourite place to be.

‘An enjoyable and relatable reading capturing the vagaries of the onset of Spring.’
Performance poetry – Emerson Pitman, Prep, Carey Baptist Grammar School

‘Who Loves Spring?’


Honourable mentions

Written poetry

  • Jacob Colonico – Prep, Fitzroy Community School – ‘The Sun Warms’
  • Billy Daniel – Year 1, Cobram Anglican Grammar School – ‘When Billy Belongs’
  • Miette Lansell – Prep, Fitzroy Community College – ‘Family Dinner’
  • Khai Nguyen – Year 1, Fitzroy Community School – ‘The Earth’
  • Estelle Searle-Finocchia – Year 1, Fitzroy Community School – ‘My Family’
  • Georgia Stuckey – Year 1, Harkaway Hills College – ‘The Ocean Night’

Performance poetry

  • Reneisha Patidar – Year 1, Bacchus Marsh Grammar – ‘I Belong to Everything’


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