‘It’s a really good opportunity to kick start young filmmakers’

Filmmaker Noah Chrapot’s advice to student filmmakers is a simple but powerful call to action: get out there and get making films.

Noah is co-director of the short film The Truth About Teenagers, which won the People’s Choice Award for a Year 11 film at last year’s Student Film Festival.


Noah and fellow director Timna Gore won the acclaim of the audience for a short film in which teenagers were asked a series of questions on teen issues.


The result is a compelling and often candid insight into what matters to this group of teenagers.


The film was made for a Year 11 Media assignment by Noah and Timna, who were students at Mount Scopus Memorial College.


‘I would definitely recommend that others submit to this film festival,’ says Noah. ‘It’s a really good opportunity to kick start young filmmakers.’


His advice is to get out there and get making, whether it’s for film, theatre or visual arts.


‘Everything starts when you just get out there and try and make something creative.’


You can find out more on how to enter by visiting our Student Film Festival competition page.


Entries close on Friday, 28 August 2020.