Postcard to my Future Self: Painting Masterclass


Suitable for

Year 9, Year 10

Subject areas

The Arts

Leading contemporary artist Helen Johnson invites students to imagine a possible future self in this hands-on watercolour and writing masterclass.


Take a close look at the work of leading contemporary artist Helen Johnson and explore how her recent paintings blend figurative and abstract imagery to reflect on personal and historical experiences of identity.


Students will then imagine a possible future self as they engage in a hands-on watercolour and writing masterclass inspired by the artist’s practice and current studies in art therapy.


Helen Johnson was born in 1979 in Naarm/Melbourne. She has a PHD in Fine Art, Monash University, and is currently undertaking a Master of Art Therapy at LaTrobe University.



Image credit:

Helen Johnson, Leapyear Ladies Pop 2022

Installation view, Judy Watson & Helen Johnson: the red thread of history, loose ends, MUMA, 2022.

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This event has now passed.