Student Poetry Competition: prep-year 2, Winner and Honourable Mentions

Read Adele Bilney's winning poem and students who received Honourable Mentions

Adele Bilney, from Year 2 at Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School, has won the Student Poetry Competition in the prep-year 2 section for her poem, Winter.


This is what the judges said:


A delightful account of Winter that warms your heart and stimulates the senses. The final two lines, an indirect message of hope, is the icing on the cake.


You can read Adele’s poem below, along with the students awarded honourable mentions in the category for their outstanding work.


And you can watch Adele reading her poem on The Parents Website by clicking here.



By Adele Bilney


Naked trees and woolly coats,

All tucked up by the fire.

Crackle! Pop! It goes.

I snuggle up in a ball

Trying to get warm.

I stare at the fire,


Dancing flames on glowing logs.

Finally, I fall asleep

Dreaming of my wintry world.

Then a seed in my mind sprouts into a flower

And I realise

Spring will come.

Honourable Mentions

Cassius Khalil, Year 2 Fitzroy Community School

I Want to Go Home

Sophie Longley, Year  2, Firbank Grammar School


Luke Drust, Year 2, Elmore Primary School

Hope for the Future

Ariana Fais, Year 2, Elwood Primary School

Ocean Blue

James Behrendorff, Prep, Fitzroy Community School

Where I Used to Live

Polly Taylor, Year 2, Winters Flat Primary School

Good Night


Winners in other sections

Years 3-4

Silver Lining, by Mehak Soin, Year 4, Melbourne Girls Grammar

Years 5-6

After the Fire, by Felicity van Rensburg, Year 5, Harkaway Hills College

Years 7-8

Hope, by Ravin Rathnayake, Year 8, Haileybury College Edrington

Years 9-10

Hope in a Whistle, by Haelie Roberts, Year 9, Olivet Christian College

Years 11-12

Summer Longings, by Derek Villaceran, Year 12, Lilydale High School