Student Poetry Competition: Years 3-4, Winner and Honourable Mentions

Mehak Soin, Year 4, Melbourne Girls Grammar, has won the Student Poetry Competition in the Years 3-4 section for her poem, Silver Lining.


This is what the judges said:


A sincere and hopeful ode to the pandemic. The short phrases and crispness of language engage and inspire.

You can read Mehak’s poem below, along with the students awarded honourable mentions in the category for their outstanding work. And you can watch the video of her reciting the poem on The Parents Website.


Silver Lining


By Mehak Soin


Dark, Doom, Danger

Moon mysteriously gone

The winds wearing down

Schools amidst shutdowns

People living in lockdown

Nation in nightmare

World suffering in sadness

All I hear are sounds of silence

Things are going tough


Universe is united in cure

People healing with hope

Workers are our warriors

We are braver than we believe

We are stronger than we seem

Tough times never last

Now is the time to stand up or never

Together we will get through

Australia, we are in it altogether

Honourable Mentions

Ada Hammerton-Lee, Year 4, Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School

Morning Dew

Riley Wooster, Year 4, Shepparton East Primary School


Jonah Solomon, Year 4, The King David School,

The Wonders of my Backyard

Yannee Xu, Year 4, Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School


Winners in other sections

Prep – Year 2

Winter, by Adele Bilney, Year 2, Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School

Years 5-6

After the Fire, by Felicity van Rensburg, Year 5, Harkaway Hills College

Years 7-8

Hope, by Ravin Rathnayake, Year 8, Haileybury College Edrington

Years 9-10

Hope in a Whistle, by Haelie Roberts, Year 9, Olivet Christian College

Years 11-12

Summer Longings, by Derek Villaceran, Year 12, Lilydale High School