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Video / June 24, 2019

Mary Mattingly’s Objects in the Round

Watch how New York artist Mary Mattingly created Objects in the Round with Victorian students during the festival

Video / May 13, 2019

Thanks for making our festival such a success

The Arts Learning Festival 2019 has concluded, and we’d like to thank you for making the festival an outstanding success.

Article / May 1, 2019

Student Short Story Competition – and the winners are…

The winners of our Student Short Story Competition have been announced and their work uploaded to the story dispensers

Video / April 29, 2019

‘A spark that sets them on their way’

Watch Education Minister and festival ambassador James Merlino talk about the Arts Learning Festival

Article / April 11, 2019

Oliver Herring talks about TASK

Oliver Herring talks about TASK as an extension of his artistic work and how taking part can be freeing

Video / April 4, 2019

The countdown begins

The festival is less than a month away! Haven't booked your tickets? You haven't missed out... yet...

Article / March 26, 2019

What I learned about writing from John Marsden

Students from our launch learnt some valuable lessons about creativity and writing from author John Marsden

Article / March 21, 2019

DJ joins our electronic music production workshop

ARIA-awarding winning DJ Jamie Stevens joins the festival to help students express their creativity

Video / March 19, 2019

How VTS boosts thinking skills – art explorers at the NGV

Art explorers at the NGV is a fun and art-filled day out for students

Article / March 14, 2019

Explore Our Teacher Workshops

Our festival offers a great range of professional learning workshops for teachers

Video / February 27, 2019

Watch our Community Day Launch

We launched our story dispensers, short-story competition and community day program

Article / February 22, 2019

Bowie, Art, Artists and Teachers of the Arts

Simon Gipson talks about how the arts, music and Bowie shaped his early years.

Podcast / February 15, 2019

Arts Learning Festival Podcast S01E03 – Simon Gipson

The Song Room's Simon Gipson believes all young people should be exposed to the arts

Article / February 14, 2019

Teachers tune in to the Federation Handbells

Five Victorian school will learn a rondo, creating a music chain linking them and our festivals

Video / February 7, 2019

Workshops with international puppeteer Gary Friedman

Puppetry, object manipulation, movement and storytelling

Video / January 31, 2019

Science meets art: biomedical animation workshops

Biology meets art meets digital media with 3D software used in Hollywood cinema productions

Video / January 24, 2019

Let’s go fly a kite

A workshop designed to let your creative spirit soar through kite-making

Podcast / January 17, 2019

Arts Learning Festival Podcast S01E02 – Mary Mattingly

Hear how New York-based artist Mary Mattingly will be involved with the festival

Video / December 5, 2018

One moment with… Chris Elliott

Watch our video with Chris Elliott from the Inner Voice, where he talks about his journey through music and song

Article / December 1, 2018

Art Smarts: Tips for Connecting Kids to the World of Art

Diane Bourke, from ISV, talks about how she connects her grandsons' young minds to art

Video / November 27, 2018

One moment with… The Storey Players

Watch our video with Simon from the Storey Players where he talks about John King's epic journey

Article / November 8, 2018

The Shock of Art

Simon Gipson, CEO of the Song Room, talks about why we need arts learning more than ever

Video / November 1, 2018

One moment with… Graeme Leak

Watch our video with Graeme where he talks about the make and play orchestra

Article / October 24, 2018

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Podcast / October 10, 2018

Arts Learning Festival Podcast S01E01 – Anne Smith

Hear our first podcast and learn how the festival came to be.

Video / September 19, 2018

Did you miss our schools’ program launch?

View the highlights of our schools' program launch event.

Video / September 19, 2018

Impossible shapes

Impossible shapes perfectly capture our festival theme of unlimited imagination. Check them out here.

Article / September 19, 2018

Visual Thinking Strategies

Visual Thinking Strategies helps students find new ways in expressing their thoughts and ideas.